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It was developed specifically for use in seawater, i.e. environments that contain chloride, so it is developed to resist pitting and crevice corrosion at its highest level. SMO 254 Round Pipes (UNS S31254) are a special austenitic SS designed to resist pitting and crevice corrosion. Welded pipes from SMO 254 are commonly used for desalination, flue and gas cleaning, heat exchangers, etc. This type of super austenitic stainless is very high quality and contains low carbon content due to the presence of molybdenum and nitrogen alloys. In warm chloride environments, SMO 254 Hexagonal Pipes can suffer from pitting and crevice corrosion, while at higher temperatures, the pipes may experience stress corrosion cracking. This alloy has excellent corrosion resistance, and as a result is capable of handling many different corrosive media, as well as a wide range of atmospheric conditions. In general, SMO 254 Hallow Pipes are considered to be resistant to potable water that contains up to 200 mg / L of chloride at ambient temperatures, which reduces to 150 mg / L at 60 degrees.

SMO 254 tube fittings

In industries, the SMO 254 Seamless Tubes can be used to provide an ideal flow of fluids from one place to another. It is often used in the gas cleaning industry because it is capable of providing the best flow possible due to the desalination process. The pipes and tubes are available in a wide variety of shapes like square, rectangular, electro polished, hexagonal, and various others. They are used in warm chloride environments with pitting and corrosion resistance environments.

Due to the presence of stainless steel alloying elements in the SMO 254 Seamless Pipes Tubes, their properties differ from the ones found in the conventional pipe and tube. There are several properties that are present in pipes and tubes, such as corrosion resistance, great ductility, durability, high tensile strength, high yielding strength and stability at elevated temperatures. In spite of the fact that pipes and tubes possess the above properties, there are still various applications in the industries that use them. There are a number of industries that are using the SMO 254 Welded tubes, including the petrochemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, oil and gas industry, pulp and paper industry, railway industry, construction industry, offshore equipment, chemical industry, etc. They are having the smooth flow of work with the help of the pipes and tubes.

Duplex Stainless Steel

There are a variety of different shapes, sizes, and surface finishes for SMO 254 Tubes that provide corrosion resistance comparable to that of high performance austenitic steels. Unlike ordinary steels, the SMO 254 Seamless Tubes do not readily corrode, rust, or stain with water. The SMO 254 EFW Tubes do not tolerate high salinity and are not completely stain-proof in low oxygen or poor air circulation environments. Depending on the environment that the alloy must endure, there are various sizes, shapes, and finishes for SMO 254 EFW Tubes. A chemical composition of approximately equal amounts of ferrite and austenite is produced by welding these SMO 254 Welded Tubes in order to produce an approximately equal mixture of both. There is a need for the SMO 254 ERW Tubes when both steel properties and corrosion resistance are required. As a result of the high molybdenum and chrome content in these square tubes, they are also highly resistant to acids that could cause pitting. In this rectangular SMO 254 Tube we are using a 22 % chrome steel (austenite / ferritic) sheet which possesses excellent strength, good corrosion resistance, and good stress corrosion cracking resistance. It is also made of austenitic / ferritic steel and its size is suitable for different applications. With 25 % chromium (austenitic / ferritic) steel strands and wire ropes, the Electropolish SMO 254 Tubes provide excellent corrosion resistance, high strength, and high performance.

An austenitic stainless steel, SMO 254 Round Pipes (UNS S31254) are designed to resist pitting and corrosion in halide-containing environments, such as seawater. Seamless SMO 254 Pipes are suitable for use in seawater, a halide-containing environment. The materials used in the manufacture of SMO 254 Welded Pipes are very high quality, molybdenum and nitrogen alloyed super austenitic stainless steel with a low carbon content. SMO 254 EFW Pipes is an austenitic stainless steel with a high molybdenum content. A wide range of applications can be found for SMO 254 ERW Pipes, which includes flue-gas cleaning, desalination, heat exchangers, and many more. Our customers can also choose from different sizes and shapes for these Alloy SMO 254 Square Pipes. The SMO 254 Electropolish Pipes are highly resistant to corrosive environments and atmospheric conditions. It is subject to pitting and crevice corrosion in warm chloride environments and stress corrosion cracking above 60°C in SMO 254 Hexagonal Pipes. At ambient temperatures, SMO 254 Hallow Pipes are considered resistant to potable water with 200 mg / L chlorides, which reduces to 150 mg / L at 60°C.

SMO 254 Pipes & Tubes

The Following Are The Details About The Processing Of Smo 254 Pipes And Tubes:

SMO 254 Pipes & Tubes are produced using the latest machines during the hot and cold working processes.

We deliver heat-treated pipes and tubes in a condition that is ready for installation. This adds extra hardness and is also necessary to process further. Manufacturers select only top-notch crude materials to ensure longer life. Almost every defect occurs when manufacturing can be avoided with moderate quenching with water. Moreover, finishing is provided to fabricate products with a SATIN coat and bright black polish, which prevent corrosion even on untreated surfaces.

There Are Several Types Of Smo 254 Pipes And Tubes Available On The Market, Including:

A wide range of pipes and tubes are available from 12mm to 230mm (outside diameter). They can be supplied in annealed or white pickled forms, as well as bright-annealed states. Other forms of supply include welded tubes and pipes, forged and cast products, and so on.

Smo 254 Characteristics

The SMO 254 grade demonstrates the impact of local corrosion caused by pitting, crevices, and tension in halide solutions where chloride and bromide ions are present. This grade performs well in halide solutions with chloride and bromide ions present. Because SMO 254 is composed of a low-carbon element, the possibility of carbide precipitation during welding activities is greatly reduced due to the low carbon content.

254 Smo Pipes & Tubes Application Industries

In addition to being able to use SMO 254 Pipes & Tubes in a wide range of applications and industries, there are some more that can be mentioned below.

  • Industry of Petrochemicals
  • Industry of Oil and Gas
  • Industry of Chemicals
  • Industry of Power Plants
  • Industry of the energy sector
  • Industry of Pharmaceuticals
  • The Pulp & Paper Industry
  • Industry of Food Processing
  • Industry of Aerospace
  • Industry of Refining