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ERW Carbon Steel Pipes are made by welding lengthy sheets of carbon steel into pipes. The ERW Carbon Steel Pipe is electric-resistant welded, which increases its strength. The schedule of the pipes determines the mechanical properties of the pipes, such as pressure containment. 

SCH 40 Seamless Carbon Steel Pipe is made up of carbon steel and is seamless with less absolute roughness. This means it could be used easier for installation, it has a medium-range pressure rating, and it is smooth. 

Different polishes and finishes are available in the pipes as well. Carbon Steel Black Pipe and EFW Carbon Steel Pipe do not have any coating or finish. It is possible to cover high carbon steel pipes with cement to prevent corrosion. In some cases, low-carbon versions, such as Low Carbon Steel casing pipe, can be used to combat corrosion. We can provide you with the right product based on your application requirements carbon steel seamless pipe, carbon steel tubes manufacturer india, seamless pipe manufacturers in india, seamless pipe specification, seamless pipe sizes, erw vs seamless pipe.

stainless steel SMO 254 pipes

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SMO 254 pipes

CS Seamless Pipe

The application and uses of carbon steel pipe

Gas project pipelines are usually made of carbon steel pipe, which is the most common and widely used material.

The main advantages of this material are its strength, toughness, bearing strength, impact resistance and rigour, good plasticity, ease of welding and thermal processing, thin wall thickness, and its ability to save metal. As a result, its poor corrosion resistance requires proper anti-corrosion measures. Gas engineering uses low carbon steel (Q235) or low-alloy steel (16Mn) for its pipes.

Steel construction is the construction of a new type of energy saving and environmental protection system, also known as the 21st century "green building". The steel construction is lightweight, high strength, good seismic performance, energy saving, recycling, building structure, meeting the needs of the development of energy efficient buildings and sustainable and healthy economic development. People are attracted to steel structures because they combine building function, sensory requirements, and economic requirements in the perfect combination. With its superior performance in recent years, steel tube structure has seen a rapid expansion of the range of applications in almost every structural area, including housing, bridges, dams, offshore platforms, tower masts, etc.

The hollow sections of steel are used to convey fluids, including oil, gas, and water, as well as some solid materials, pipes, etc. Light weight steel has the same flexural and torsional strengths as round steel. It is commonly used in the manufacturing of structural and mechanical parts, including drill pipes, automotive transmissions, bicycle racks, and scaffolding made of steel. The manufacture of steel pipe annular parts can improve material utilisation, simplify the manufacturing process, and save material and machining time, for example, sleeve rings, jack sets, steel pipe has been widely used.

With good adhesion, corrosion resistance, acid, alkali, and other chemical corrosion resistance, it is non-toxic, does not rust, is wear-resistant, impact-resistant, and has high permeability. A smooth pipe surface will not adhere to any substance, reducing the transmission of resistance. Large diameter steel pipes improve flow and transmission efficiency while reducing delivery pressure losses. In order to ensure the purity and health of the fluid at -40 °C to +80 °C temperature range of thermal cycles interchangeably, without ageing, the solvent-free coating will not be the transmission medium of pollution. This material is non-cracked and therefore suitable for use in cold environments as well as harsh environments. Large-diameter steel pipe is pipe that outside diameter is above 1000MM, large diameter coated steel pipe is coated with plastic on the basis of large diameter spiral welded pipe and high-frequency welded pipe from the solvent-free coating, small-diameter steel pipe no oozing substance and therefore not pollution transport media, thus ensuring the purity and health of the fluid, -40 ℃ to +80 ℃ range of thermal cycles used interchangeably, no ageing, no cracks, and thus in the cold zone and other harsh environments to use.

Large diameter coated steel pipes are widely used in the water, gas, oil, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, and electricity industries, large diameter steel marine engineering field generally less than the outer diameter of the tubes 89 are collectively referred to as small-diameter steel pipe.

What is a Seamless Pipe?

There is no seam or weld-joint in seamless pipe, as the name implies. The raw material is heated and pushed or pulled over a structure until it forms a hollow pipe of the desired size using a strong round steel billet. To achieve the desired outside diameter, thickness and length, seamless hollow pipes are extruded using a die and mandrel combination to decrease the outside diameter and increase the inside diameter.

What are the Advantages of Using Seamless Pipe?

When compared to welded pipes of the same material and size, seamless pipes can handle higher working pressures.

Because there is no welding area, seamless pipes offer superior corrosion resistance by eliminating impurities, defects, or differences in the welded area.

It is possible to substitute seamless pipes for welded pipes, however, welded pipes may not always be suitable for applications that require seamless pipes.

What is the Price for Seamless Pipes?

The price for MS or CS seamless pipes is typically around 72-77/kg + GST, while the price for stainless steel seamless pipes is normally around 200 to 230/kg.

There is a price range between 290/KG and 335/KG for 316 seamless pipes

Prices for seamless pipes are always changing, so please write to us to get our lowest price for seamless pipes for delivery in Mumbai.

Seamless pipes are priced based on their size. Small pipes below 11/2" are more expensive to produce because of the higher cost of cold drawing. The price increases as we move from 1" to 3/4" to 1/2".

However, the price for thicker pipes, larger pipes (over 4"), and thin walled pipes is also higher.


There are several grades of seamless carbon steel pipes available in Mumbai, such as ASTM A106 Grade B Seamless Pipes, API 5L Grade B, and ASTM A53 Grade B Seamless Pipes. Sizes range from 1/2" to 24" OD or NPS with a thickness of 2.5mm to 60mm.

Our stainless steel seamless pipes are available in sizes ranging from 1/2" OD or NPS to 24" OD or NPS in thicknesses from 2.5mm to 60mm, in accordance with ASTM A312 TP304, 304L, 321/321H, 316L, 310S, 904L, Duplex, Super Duplex.

ASTM A335 Seamless Pipes are available in Mumbai in sizes ranging from 1/2 inch OD or NPS to 24 inch OD or NPS with thicknesses ranging from 2.5mm to 60mm.

Applications of Carbon Steel Pipes in Seamless Form

  1. Refineries
  2. Power Plants
  3. Boilers
  4. Ship Building
  5. Heat Exchangers
  6. Condensers
  7. Paper & Pulp
  8. Marine Applications
  9. Nuclear Power
  10. Fossil Fuel Power Plants

Product Offering

  • 1/2” (15NB) TO 6” (150NB) from 2.77mmTHK(Sch.40) to 21.95mTHK(Sch.XXS)
  • 8” (200NB) TO 14” (350NB) from 6.35mmTHK(Sch.20) to 35.71mTHK(Sch.160)
  • 16” (400NB) TO 20” (500NB) from 9.53mmTHK(Sch.STD) to 21.44mTHK(Sch.80)

Test Performed

  • Hydrostatic Test
  • Eddy Current Test
  • Flattening/Flaring Test/Bend Test
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Other Tests as Required by the Standard

Finishing Operations

  • Plain end
  • Threaded and coupled
  • Grovved
  • Beveled
SMO 254 Pipes & Tubes

CS Welded Pipe

Carbon steel is mainly composed of iron and carbon. It is allowed in various quantities in different grades to contain trace amounts of silicon, manganese, and copper, which make Carbon Steel Seamless Pipes stronger and more stress-resistant. Due to these properties, they can be used for heavy-duty applications.

Different methods and types of production are available. Carbon Steel Welded Pipes are made by welding lengthy sheets into pipes. The Steel ERW Pipe is made by electric resistance welding, which increases its strength. Different mechanical properties are governed by the schedules of the pipes, including pressure containment. With a schedule of 40, the Sch 40 Seamless Carbon Steel Pipe is made from carbon steel and has less absolute roughness. Because the pipe has a medium pressure rating and is smooth, it can be easily installed. There are different polishes and finishes for the pipes as well. Carbon Steel Black Pipe and Erw Carbon Steel Pipe do not have coatings or finishes. A high carbon steel cement lined pipe can protect against corrosion. It is sometimes possible to combat corrosion to a certain extent with low carbon versions such as Low Carbon Steel casing pipes.

The following industries are covered by products:

  •  Petroleum (Refineries, Petrochemicals, Drilling Rigs/Offshore Facilities, Pipelines)
  •  Alternative Energy (thermal and hydroelectric power, waste-to-energy plants, transmission lines, substations)
  •  Irrigation canals, transmission pipelines, pumping stations for water supply and sewage.
  •  Process and Industrial (Steel Mills, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Mining)

Applications of Carbon Steel Pipes in Welded Form

  1. 1. Refineries
  2. 2. Power Plants
  3. 3. Boilers
  4. 4. Ship Building
  5. 5. Heat Exchangers
  6. 6. Condensers
  7. 7. Paper & Pulp
  8. 8. Marine Applications
  9. 9. Nuclear Power
  10. 10. Fossil Fuel Power Plants

Are you also Looking for Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings ASTM A234 WPB, ASTM A105/105N?

In addition to buttweld fittings, forged fittings, forged flanges, fasteners, and gaskets, also manufactures related carbon steel pipe fittings.

  1. The following are ELBOWS made of carbon steel, 45°, 90°, and 180°
  2. The second type of bend is carbon steel induction bends
  3. The three types of carbon steel tees are straight, reducing, and reducing-reducing
  4. Reducers made of carbon steel, both concentric and eccentric
  5. ASME B16.11 for forged steel fittings made of carbon steel
  6. Flanges made of carbon steel in accordance with ANSI B16.5
  7. Gaskets and seals
  8. In the next section, we'll discuss nuts and bolts.