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In addition to being resistant to chlorides and sulfide stress, the plates and sheets are also resistant to sulfide stress. These sheets are commonly used in industries for several applications that require a high level of resistance and stress corrosion resistance. The sheets are available in coils, rolls, rim sheets, rings, blank sheets, and plain sheets. The thickness of these sheets ranges from 0.1 to 12 mm, and the hardness level ranges from soft to hard, quarter hard, and spring hard. It is available in a wide range of types including Nickel alloy 718 coils, alloy 718 alloy coils, alloy 718 cold rolled plates, alloy 718 shim sheet, alloy 718 Inconel shim sheet, and Nickel alloy 718 foils. The equivalent grades of these sheets are as follows: WERKSTOFF NR.-2.4668, UNS- N07718. In addition to discussing mechanical properties of metals and alloys, we discussed en 18 mechanical properties and HRC material specifications.

stainless steel SMO 254 pipes

In addition to the certificates, provides customers with 100% test reports as well. Some of the standard certificates are EN 10020431 and NAC MR 01075. Our material testing ensures that our sheets and plates are of high quality and that they meet all the customer requirements.

With high-tech materials and suitable elements, the Inconel 718 sheets, plates, and coils are manufactured to withstand corrosive environments. In jet engine environments where oxidation and corrosion are common, Inconel 718 Sheets are very resistant to corrosion and oxidation at temperatures within the alloys’ and materials' useful strength ranges. The materials and components of this product have a remarkable creep rupture and high tensile and yield properties at elevated temperatures, as a result of this consumption and expanding temperatures are responsible for increasing the weakness of hardened steel due to pressure consumption breaking. It is the unique property of our plates.

SMO 254 pipes

There are many applications for Inconel 718 Sheets, including marine conditions, bitter water, blanching activities, closed-circuit water frameworks, food preparation, oil field piping, heat exchangers, and flue gas desulfurization equipment. With the help of great characteristics and features, our Inconel 718 plates are in great demand on a global platform as well as in national industrial sectors.

It is a nickel-chromium-based superalloy. These Inconel 718 Plates alloys and material compositions are oxidation-corrosion-resistant materials and can be used in a wide range of environments, including extreme pressures and temperatures, for example. As a result of their superior working abilities and corrosion resistance properties, these Inconel 718 plus coils are suited to a variety of environments and can also be used as plug-ins in pressure valves to resist pressures. These plates and coils are manufactured with high-quality materials that offer top-notch specifications and properties.

Because of the material's tremendous strength and resistance properties, Inconel 718 coils have become incredibly popular for turbojet engine parts due to their great strength and resistance properties. Also, they can be used in the manufacture of compressor casings, discs, fan blades, and many other parts. This is one of the primary reasons why Inconel 718 Coils and Inconel 718 Sheets are so widely used in marine and aerospace applications. They make up about half of the components used in general aviation engines.

SMO 254 Pipes & Tubes

Inconel 718 Sheets, Plates & Coils Equivalent Grades

STANDARD: Inconel 718       

UNS: N07718 


Key Features Of Inconel 718 Sheets, Plates, Coils

  • Creep rupture strength at high temperatures
  • It has a higher strength than Inconel X-750
  • In comparison to Nimonic 90 & Inconel X-750, it has better mechanical properties at lower temperatures when compared to Nimonic 90
  • Suitable for a wide range of ages
  • Applications of high-temperature dynamic systems


As a high-speed alloy, it is used for parts such as wheels, buckets, spacers, and bolts and fasteners, as well as high-temperature bolts and fasteners in jet engines and high-speed airframes. As a result of its high strength and resistance to chlorides, stress corrosion and sulfide stress cracking, Inconel 718 density is also widely used in drilling and production in the oil and gas industry as well. In these industries, Inconel 718 Slit Coil, Inconel® 718 Sheets, Inconel Alloy 718 CR Plates, Inconel 718 CR Plates, INCONEL 718 ASTM equivalent have been used for valves, pump shafts, wellhead components. 1.4668 Sheets, Inconel 718 Sheets, UNS N07718 Plates, Alloy 718 Circle, Inconel Alloy 718 Plates Distributors, JIS NCF 718 Sheets and Plates Manufacturer in China. By adding molybdenum and niobium, the alloy becomes stiff, resulting in a high level of strength without the need for heat treatment. In precipitated or annealed hardened conditions, they are readily welded or fabricated. Superalloys can be produced in a wide range of dimensions, specifications, and sizes, which ultimately makes them suitable for marine engineering, chemical processing, and a wide range of other uses.