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The Hastelloy Round Bar is a type of bar that has a round shape, which can be used for grills, furniture, railings, etc. They are widely used in different industries worldwide for a variety of purposes. The nickel-molybdenum-chromium super combination Hastelloy C276 forging Round Bar with tungsten expansion has been designed to withstand severe corrosion in a variety of environments.

These plates are made up of various alloys and metals. The alloys are further classified into different grades. The Hastelloy C22 Plate is one such type. It is a work hardened alloy which is used to manufacture these pipes. Despite being ductile and can be formed by cold working, Hastelloy C22 plate suppliers can successfully deep draw, spin, press, or punch these alloys. Due to its work hardening quality, Alloy C22 Plate needs to be intermittently hardened. In hot formation, a temperature of 1232 degrees C is recommended at the start, while 945 degrees C is recommended at the end.

Hastelloy C22 tubes

The ASTM B575 Alloy C22 Strip is used to make desulfurization flue gas, as it is resistant to corrosion and pitting. ASTM B575 Alloy C22 Sheet is used to make fluid processing equipment. In addition to its use in the fluid processing industry, this metal has a lot of applications in seawater, including resistance to intergranular corrosion cracking as well as resistance to stress corrosion cracking. ASME SB575 C22 Hastelloy Coil has an amorphous structure that resists corrosion cracking and stress corrosion cracking. The thickness varies between 0.038 and 0.141. As well as the heavier gauges of these sheets, they are also available in lighter gauges up to 12 inches, with a size range ranging from 6mm to 120mm. 

In addition to its good resistance to oxidation and creep resistance, Hastelloy UNS N06022 Hot Rolled Plate is ideally suited for applications above 540 degrees C because it has excellent oxidation resistance. The JIS NW 6022 Plate is described as metallurgically stable. Despite heating and welding, it does not become sensitized after the process. Submerged arc welding should not be used for welding Alloy C22 Hastelloy Foil. Any other welding method is suitable.

N06022 Hex Bar

A common raw material used by industries is barring, and Hastelloy Round Bars are one of these shapes. Hastelloy Round Bars, Hastelloy Square Bars, Hastelloy Rectangle Bars, and Hastelloy Hex Bars are the most common shapes. Hastelloy Round Bars come in many different shapes. In order to make Hastelloy Round Bars, raw materials are melted together in an electric furnace. Our Hastelloy Round Bar is formed by casting this mixture of raw materials in the shape of a Hastelloy Round Bar, which is available in a variety of grades, including Hastelloy C22 Round Bar and Hastelloy C276 suppliers Round Bar. Using high-quality raw materials, we manufacture Hastelloy Round Bars with precision. We use the most advanced equipment and machinery to produce Hastelloy Round Bars. 

Other Grades Of Hastelloy C22 Round Bars


  • ASTM B574 Alloy C22 Bars.
  • C22 Alloy Rods
  • Hastelloy UNS N06022 Bright Bar
  • C22 Hastelloy Hex Bar
  • Hastelloy DIN 2.4602 Round Bars
  • Alloy C22 Hot Rolled Round Bar
  • C22 Alloy Forged Round
  • Bars Hastelloy C22 Cold Drawn Bars
N06022 Hex Bar

Standard Types of Round Bar

  • Types of Round Bar
  • Inconel X750 Round Bar
  • Alloy A286 Round Bar
  • Hastelloy X Round Bar
  • SS 422 Round Bar
  • Inconel hastelloy 825 Round Bar
  • Nitronic 50 Round Bar
  • Nitronic 60 Round Bar
  • Nimonic 90 Round Bar
  • Alloy 20 Round Bar
  • Carbon Steel Round Bar
  • ASTM A193 B16 Round Bar
  • Duplex Steel Round Bar
  • Hastelloy Round Bar
  • Inconel Round Bar
  • Monel 400 Round Bar
  • Hastelloy C276 Round Bar
  • Invar 36 Round Bar
  • Monel Round Bar
  • Nickel Round Bar
  • Nimonic Round Bar
  • Stellite 6b Round bar
  • Haynes Round Bar
  • Stainless Steel Round Bar
  • Titanium Round Bar
  • Waspaloy Round Bar
  • Zeron 100 Round Bar
  • Super Duplex Round Bar
  • ASTM A105 CS Round Bar
  • L605 Round Bar
  • Round Bar Supplier in India

Application of Hastelloy Round Bars

  • Textile machinery uses Hastelloy round bars
  • The oil and gas industry uses Hastelloy round bars
  • The use of Hastelloy round bars in medical gas pipeline systems
  • Round Hastelloy Bars Used in Pharmaceutical Processing
  • The Hastelloy Round Bars are used in the piping of fluids.
  • The use of Hastelloy round bars in modern architecture is widespread.
  • Projects using Hastelloy round bars include those involving water waste.